What fueled the production of the line?

Taiann Eiland, founder and owner of PurpL & Prosper, has been passionately working and gaining knowledge of the skincare industry since she became a licensed esthetician in 2007. Over time, she has become extremely well-versed in ingredients and has fallen head over heels with the Green Beauty Industry. The development of the line was driven by her own insecurities that were brought on by complicated skin ailments. For over 10 years, she suffered with severe cystic acne that led to a terrible skin-picking habit called "dermatillomania." This brought on shame, and a huge lack of self-love.  She would constantly switch up her regimen and purchase any gimmicky product that sounded convincing enough to try. However, she finally learned that for her skin, keeping it natural, intuitively eating and implementing daily self care was the best solution. Taiann truly believes in spreading the message of self-love and living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle and how they determine the condition of your skin. 

She began developing her own line of natural skincare products that dramatically changed the quality of her complexion. Every item in the line is tangible reminder to give yourself love and care everyday. This line is developed with natural ingredients that Taiann fully believes in, as you will too by using PurpL & Prosper products.

Photo by  Sarah Jackson

Photo by Sarah Jackson

Every PurpL Prosper product has been formulated WITH love, creativity, passion and care. 


  • parabens

  • sulfates

  • synthetic ingredients

  • harmful chemicals

  • harsh dyes

  • perfumes

  • fillers

  • mineral oils

  • lanolin

  • petroleum