I know many women can relate to this topic. Since we were young girls we were taught to pop a Midol when our "Auntie Flow" came to visit for the month. I'm here to tell you there are so many other safer and natural alternatives to curb your menstrual cramps, fatigue and bloating.  

I have suffered with endometriosis since adolescence. This is a condition that causes intense (pretty much unbearable) menstrual pain due to cyst development on the ovaries. There is no confirmed cause for why it happens but I have been one of the chosen few that live with it.  The pain was so insufferable that there were times when I woke up on my bathroom floor because I fainted from exhaustion due to the pain. Visiting the doctor only led me to two limited options, get on birth control or get surgery. I knew I had to start doing my own research. 

Please note: I am not a licensed medical professional. The information following is based on the trial and error of my own experience. I leave my suggestions with hopes of healing others, but I cannot guarantee that what works for me will also work for you.)


Photo edit by GabbiGoon

Photo edit by GabbiGoon

I came across AppleCiderVinegar. It was absolutely heaven sent. It is so rich in potassium and calcium which makes it a great option to relieve cramping. It also prevents blood clotting that leads to heavy cycles and therefore causes your anemia and fatigue. I've found the easiest way to take this daily is in a shot glass. Half ACV and half water. (FYI, IT NEVER GETS EASIER!! It's gross everytime but so worth it my friends lol). And please remember, you need to purchase an organic, raw and unpasturized brand. I prefer Braggs. $6 at any natural health food store.


Another monthly ritual that has totally saved my life is taking some form of Chaste Tree Berry. This herb is known for balancing hormones. Many woman have great success treating symptoms like mood swings, menstrual pain, depression and even acne. I recommend Yogi Woman's Moon Cycle which combines herbs like chaste tree berry, dong quai and raspberry leaf. I will typically start drinking it three times a day a week before my period. Sometimes in-between my cycles because it's so tasty! 


Last but not least, IRON. So many women that battle with PMS symptoms have an iron deficiency. If you are looking for a natural form of iron intake there's always iron rich foods like meat, beans and spinach. If you feel you need a little more than what these yummy foods offer I've heard nothing but great things about Floradix Iron Formula. It's a natural liquid iron supplement with ingredients extracted from vegetables and herbs. 

I know this time of the month is so hard on us women mentally, physically and EMOTIONALLY. lol These three remedies have helped me so much with the physical aspect but don't forget to do the things that you love, to put your mind in a better emotional state. Go for a run, eat yummy healthy foods, treat yourself to a massage or pedicure. All these things will make you feel better on the outside which will in turn help you to feel more together on the inside when emotions are at an all time high.

Take care, and TREAT YOURSELF. :)