How I Healed Perioral Dermatitis in One Week (After two Months of Trial & Error)

Perioral dermatitis is the trickiest skin condition I have ever dealt with. It is characterized as a red, inflamed thickening of the skin, primarily around the mouth and nostril area. It is sometimes accompanied by papules and pustules - which causes most of us to confuse it with acne. After much research, I found the most common triggers for PD include:

  • use of topical steroids

  • toothpaste with fluoride

  • sodium laureth sulfate

  • laundry detergent with overactive ingredients

  • hormonal changes

  • birth control

  • stress


 The first time I experienced this disorder was in fifth grade. My pediatrician informed my mother that I needed to switch over to a flouride free toothpaste and look into a gentle laundry detergent. I was treated like most people who take the western route and given a topical steroid. This cleared it up in a couple days. Over the years, it would pop up annually around the winter time and I would just apply a bit of cortisone to alleviate it. Little did I know that my periodic use of topical steroids throughout my life would make my skin more vulnerable to this infection and cause it to reoccur. Once I started dabbling into my holistic lifestyle back in 2006, I found that applying organic greek yogurt, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar topically would clear it up in a day or so. Before 2018 I didn't experience PD for a span of 10 years!

This most recent outbreak came with so much vengeance that my past successful holistic remedies could not defeat. It manifested in January of 2018 while on vacation in Hong Kong, and lasted until the beginning of March of 2018. I truly believe it was stimulated by a multitude of reasons. One being the use of topical steroids and excessive alpha-hydroxy acids which thinned my skin - combined with the crazy amount of pollution in Hong Kong. And unfortunately I was extremely stressed, and not in a positive mindset on my trip. Being in Hong Kong made me realize how lonely I felt on the inside. I won't get too deep, but I will elaborate on how I cleared this unwanted energy later on in this article. 

Now let's get to my successful treatment of this condition! ...Please note: I am not a licensed medical professional. The information following is based on the trial and error of my own experience. I leave my suggestions with hopes of healing others, but I cannot guarantee that what works for me will also work for you. 

Chill Out!

Ok, so after two months of hiding from friends and the public, obsessing the internet for hours looking for a cure, spending hundreds of dollars on natural topical treatments and supplements and trying an extreme juice fast - I decided to chill the fuck out! I knew I was making my condition worse by stressing and responding to it with urgency. This exasperated the issue and caused more inflammation. Being in the house all alone also ignited my old habit of picking at my skin (dermatillomania). The PD was accompanied by several papules that looked ready to be extracted. My inflammation and infection spread because of my pesky hands, and lack of self control. There was so much self sabotage going on. I felt disconnected to my body and overall, out of control. After I put down my electronics and closed out my search engines, I got back to the life that has been making me happy for the past three years. I went out into nature, I hung out with friends, read/watched more positive content. This shift put me in a more logical, and calm mindset.

Internal Remedies

I kid you not when I say - I tried a new supplement and shifted my diet every other day during the two month span. Here is what finally worked for me.

  • Minimizing my sugar intake - I have been eating fresh fruit everyday for years now. And I love a good vegan donut... or 3. Don't judge me. Unfortunately, sugar feeds the infection. For some, this is a clear connection to an overgrowth of candida. I noticed less inflammation with the decrease of sugar.

  • Drinking Aloe Juice - I found this awesome remedy at the very end of my extensive search. It wasn't listed on any forum. It was a random response on a message board amongst thousands that fate directed me to. Aloe juice creates a difficult breeding ground for disease and inflammation because of its alkaline properties. It is cooling for your insides, and filled with antioxidants and minerals that are crucial for healthy skin. It's also great for liver health and digestion. I drink 4oz of aloe juice, mixed with 4oz of water every night. Results were pretty evident after the first night. This put me in a super hopeful mood. Please be sure the aloe juice is organic, with no sugar or nonsense added. HERE is a trusted brand suggestion.

  • Probiotics - This should have already been a staple in my daily supplement routine, however, I fell off track for awhile. I picked up a new brand that worked beautifully with my updated diet. Majority of diseases and conditions begin in the gut. And as mentioned above, a vast majority of those infected with PD have candida issues. Probiotics help to repair both. HERE is the brand I've been using.

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Disgusting, but wonderful for any type of inflammation. It also contains beneficial amounts of vitamin A and D. Both necessary nutrients for healthy skin. You can find a trusted brand HERE.

Skin Care

I kept my regime as minimal as possible since this infection feeds on everything applied topically. I used the oil cleansing method to cleanse. The product I used is actually a new PurpL Goat item I will be launching very soon! I also applied the Calm Complexion Serum every few days because of it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It was hard not to use the rest of my products, but everything I applied made the PD spread or caused it to appear very angry and red. 

Emotional Healing

It's so powerful that we as humans are able to call in exactly what we need. I had so many emotional blockages stopping me from being my best self. This condition was the catalyst in recognizing the blockages and taking action to heal them. During my search for internal remedies for PD, I was randomly approached on two separate occasions by two different Energy/Spiritual Healers. They both asked if they could read my energy. I mentioned to them that I was struggling with dermatitis on my chin and I haven't been able to remedy it. They both had the same response. - I was holding in way too many emotions and grievances. Once I released them I would progress in life, and receive physical healing as well. I knew this meant I would have to do something I have been delaying for over a year. - Having a difficult conversation with my mother to address many of our past issues that continued to affect me in my adulthood. The conversation was actually progressive and a huge confidence boost for me. Facing my fear of possible rejection and feelings of unworthiness, and instead receiving love and understanding was such a relief. I feel like I released so many debilitating emotions that day - The beginning of my emotional healing had taken place. 

February 18,2018

February 18,2018

A few days passed by and my chin had calmed down and shown improvement, but the bumps were still present. Over two weeks later I happened to be visiting PurpL Goat retailer, "Vanessa Manel" to drop off an order. The owner Vanessa was coming out of a healing session with the stores new Spiritual Healer, Shira Rosenfeld. I spoke with Shira briefly, and within that five minute time frame she managed to bring me to tears. She informed me that most of my issues stem from my female organs, which makes so much sense. I have struggled physically with endometriosis for over 10 years, hormonal issues and emotional discomfort around sexuality the majority of my life. Two days after a full one hour session with Shira, my perioral dermatitis was non existent. During our session she brought my blockages to the surface, and was able to visually describe incidents from my past. I faced them, then she was able to energetically clear the blockages for me. It was so magical !

March 18,2018

March 18,2018

In Conclusion

True, complete healing is all encompassing. There's no magic pill or topical remedy - unless you're looking for a quick, temporary fix. I am always grateful for my external struggles which force me take a deeper look at what I need to improve internally in order to live my best life. Being solution oriented my entire life - I've always had a hard time surrendering and listening to the deeper message the Universe/God is trying to give me. I'm recognizing these queue's a lot quicker now. As I always say - everything is connected. In order to maintain your healthiest skin - your body, mind and soul/spirit must be in sync.

Wishing anyone suffering with this frustrating condition an abundance of full spectrum healing. 

Love, Tai