How to Tame Our Ego to Become Our Most Authentic Self

Ego exemplifies so much more than just a cocky character trait. It typically rises to the surface when we are not living in our truth. Instead, we're living to uphold a perception we believe others have of us. Ego appears when we are too comfortable to face a new stage of growth, when we are scared to come to terms with an insecurity - or when we are just being plain selfish. It is an extension of fear. But the bonus here is , without ego we would have no contrast or hope for a brighter light in life.  

That being said - we know that this universal quality is somewhat of a necessity. Here are a few things that have helped me, and continue to aid in me taming my ego.

It Probably Has Nothing To Do With You

Stop being so narcissistic and thinking that other people's pesky actions are motivated by you. And if negative energy is purposely directed toward you; then you and the perpetrator are on the same level of lower consciousness. Dig yourself out right now. I used to take everything so personally. I would spend so much of my day that could have been potentially fulfilling - instead, analyzing other peoples actions. I was calling all of this negative energy into my reality by continuing to focus on it. It would get so bad that I would make it the topic of discussion when spending time with my loved ones. I would fish for confirmation that I was not the crazy one and all the while turning myself into the victim. Do not allow other people's actions to interrupt the positive vision you see for your day. Let annoyances roll off your shoulders, you still have 1,439 glorious minutes to make your day the best it can be. 

Let Go Of The Urge To Gossip

Continued from the last tip...Stop spending time talking about people to friends, family and strangers. It doesn't make you feel good in the long run; and you definitely don't look or sound good doing it. I'm learning continuously that most times something bothers me about a person, it's usually because deep down inside I wish I could be as free. Or they are bringing an insecurity to the surface that I have not dealt with. There's so many expansive topics to discuss in this life. Don't waste your time on low vibrational chatter. 

Be Good To Others

One of my love languages is - Words of Affirmation. I have lived my entire 28 years on this earth craving validation. Understand that you will not always be given credit for your good deeds. Don't let the acknowledgment be your driving force. You will never lose anything by helping people, or spreading acts of kindness. The worst that can happen is - you just end up earning good karma points. 

Be Authentic - Always

Be good to others, but only move from a place of authenticity, Don't ever feel obligated to do anything for anyone if it doesn't feel good to your soul. Do things because you genuinely want to. When you live for others and disregard your true feelings, this affects the interaction you have with that person. You develop a resentment that turns into friction. This can be nipped in the bud just by being honest and true to yourself. Create a tight bond with your intuition and it will guide you to your truest intent. 

There Is Enough Magic For Everyone

There is no reason to ever feel like you need to compete with anyone. I love this millennial age. We are seeing so much innovation and the ideas are constantly flowing in. Understand that there is enough support and success to go around. One person's prosperity will not take away from yours. So support people in their ventures. I am constantly stressing the importance of an abundance mindset, and I truly believe this should be an age of encouragement. We can all shine out here!

Are You Coming From a Place Of Love, Or Ego?

Think twice or thrice...hell, take a whole 24 hours...before speaking. Especially if your initial feedback or comment doesn't feed your soul - and just your ego. Ask yourself, "is what I am about to do or say coming from a place of love, or ego?" Your higher consciousness will typically know the answer.

Listen - there are still times in my life where my old triggers occur and I nibble on the bait. My insecurities make an appearance, and my first line of defense is to make a catty remark. My consciousness is catching on quicker, and I feel extremely shitty after the act. Change and growth is in full effect for me - right along with you all. 

Try to Just Listen Without Giving Your Opinion

In the past I would get so worked up in a discussion or argument, trying to get my point across; I would forget that we are all completely different individuals with separate conditioning. Try this little practice of just letting the other person emotionally vomit without saying a word. This practice helps me ease the urge to make my point more overriding than the other persons. You may end up gaining perspective. Our ego also wants us to respond without actually listening. We all want to be relatable. So instead of being present in a conversation, we are wracking our brains to think of the best response. Authenticity takes the back seat, while ego sits right in front to control the radio.

Find Your Chill

Everyone needs a practice that brings us to a more grounded and level headed place.  I've learned that this helps me to not be so reactive - and more logical in my everyday life. I have a few different practices. Meditation, earthing, spending time in nature, and my morning and nightly skin care routine - just to name a few. Most of us rush through the beautiful practice of cleansing and nourishing the skin. When I had severe acne, I did not want to feel all the bumps on my face so I would rush through my regime without giving my skin the proper love and care. I now take time to be present and grateful for how my skin has improved. Gratitude mixed with self care is a perfect way to rid of ego driven thoughts. 

What are some of your ego-taming practices?

Photo by  Jalisa Marie

Photo by Jalisa Marie