How I Healed Perioral Dermatitis in One Week (After two Months of Trial & Error)

Perioral dermatitis is the trickiest skin condition I have ever dealt with. It is characterized as a red, inflamed thickening of the skin, primarily around the mouth and nostril area. It is sometimes accompanied by papules and pustules - which causes most of us to confuse it with acne. After much research, I found the most common triggers for PD include:

  • use of topical steroids
  • toothpaste with fluoride 
  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • laundry detergent with overactive ingredients
  • hormonal changes
  • birth control
  • stress
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How to Tame Our Ego to Become Our Most Authentic Self

Ego exemplifies so much more than just a cocky character trait. It typically rises to the surface when we are not living in our truth. Instead, we're living to uphold a perception we believe others have of us. Ego appears when we are too comfortable to face a new stage of growth, when we are scared to come to terms with an insecurity - or when we are just being plain selfish. It is an extension of fear. But the bonus here is , without ego we would have no contrast or hope for a brighter light in life.  

That being said - we know that this universal character trait is somewhat of a necessity. Here are a few things that have helped me, and continue to aid in me taming my ego.

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